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The "General Hospital" cast 2017, which include Lynn Herring (Lucy), Michael Easton (Finn), Finola Hughes (Anna), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan), Matt Cohen (Griffin), Donnell Turner (Curtis), Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte), Genie Francis (Laura), Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), Rebecca Budig (Hayden), Michelle Stafford (Nina), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Eden McCoy (Joss), Maurice Benard (Sonny), Ryan Paevey (Nathan), William deVry (Julian) and Kelly Monaco (Sam), will be in "GH" episodes for the third week of July. They will be part of several exciting scenes including Lucy tracking down Finn, Jordan giving Anna her blessing and Sonny receiving a mysterious text message. Read on to learn more about these upcoming episodes.

Spoiler alert! This update contains 'General Hospital' spoilers for the week of July 17. Read on to learn more about your favourite characters from Port Charles, New York.

'General Hospital' episodes from July 17-21 (Monday to Friday)

The "GH" episodes on Monday to Friday will show several pivotal scenes that fans of the soap opera shouldn’t dare miss. According to TV Guide, the scenes to watch out for include Laura discovering something about Charlotte and Nathan calling Nina out for something. On Monday, Griffin will deliver some good news. As for Curtis, he’ll feel start to feel guilty. Meanwhile, Jordan will give Anna her blessing.

Sacrifices and decisions

On Tuesday, Curtis will figure out what it means to make a sacrifice. Meanwhile, Laura will discover something about Charlotte. Plus, Spencer will not help a situation and end up making it worse than it already is. Wednesday’s episode will feature Alexis feeling conflicted. Elsewhere, Hayden and Finn will look to the future instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the present. As for Nina, she will have a difficult decision that must be made.

Finn is tracked down by Lucy

On Thursday, Finn will be tracked down by Lucy as Nina’s faith is tested. Meanwhile, Joss will feel responsible for a situation. Friday’s episode will feature Sonny receiving a mysterious text message and Nathan will call Nina out. Plus, Sam will go to Julian.

‘General Hospital’ recaps

Last week’s episode featured Dante dancing with Charlotte and Carly (Laura Wright) finally seeing through the lies that she has been told. As for Nina, she had a run-in at Wyndemere. Plus, Nathan went rogue and Laura warned Spencer about something that will happen. Elsewhere, Kiki’s (Hayley Erin) intentions backfired.

"General Hospital" episodes air in the US on ABC. Catch it every weekdays at 2 pm. Stay tuned for more updates about “GH” in the coming weeks.

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