Cast members Randall Park and Constance Wu attend a panel for the television series "Fresh Off the Boat" during the Disney ABC Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, California January 14, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

“Fresh Off the Boat” season 3 episode 8 titled “Where Are the Giggles” once again shows that Christmas is Jessica’s (Constance Wu) favourite festival as she decorates the house lavishly.

She has earned free movie tickets from a client and she is in no mood to miss this opportunity to watch “Jingle All the Way.” In order to catch the best seat, the family rush out of the house but forget something important. “Fresh Off the Boat” season 3 episode 8 shows that Evan, the baby Huang, is left alone in the house.

When they reach the theatre, they realise that Evan has been left behind and so they call their next-door neighbour Marvin (Ray Wise) to make sure that Evan is okay. Marvin convinces them to not leave the theatre as the movie is worth a watch and he himself has watched it over three times. Thereafter, he goes to the Huang home to see Evan and ends up slipping on a mess of marbles that the little boy lays out. The Huang family returns home and Evan is disappointed. He refuses to hug his mommy, who promises buy him the toy he wants.

Later in the “Fresh Off the Boat” season 3 episode 8, Marvin plans to sue Louis for the fall at the entrance. While Marvin is behaving as normal as buddies, Louis (Randall Park) is unhappy that he has sued him for insurance money.

Marvin is in huge pain and so he mixes his muscle relaxer with beer. As a result he gets wild dreams involving ghosts of holidays past, present and future. While the ghost of past talk about his former neighbour and sexy dance teacher Ronaldo, the ghost of present brings him to Louis, who is talking about the lawsuit with Jessica. The ghost of future takes him to his funeral which is sad as there are no friends around because Marvin sues them all.

Meanwhile, Jessica has to bargain with Deidre, the toy seller and the acquaintance from the theatre with whom she argued for better seats. Because of the festive season and good spirit flowing around, Jessica is successful in her attempt and gets the toy for Evan. All ends on a good note between the mother and little son in “Fresh Off the Boat” season 3.

"Fresh Off the Boat" season 3 airs on Tuesdays at 8PM in the US. Australians can watch "Fresh Off the Boat" season 3 on Abc.go.com.