"Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 is set to return on Feb. 2, 2016 on ABC with its 11th episode titled “Phil’s Faves.” The episode title refers to Phillip Goldstein, Eddie Huang’s (Hudson Yang) only Chinese classmate played by “Dr. Ken” actor Albert Tsai.

“Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 episode 11 titled “Phil’s Faves” will mark the “Dr. Ken” actor’s third episode in the ABC comedy series. It will pick up where the Christmas episode titled “The Real Santa” left.

In “Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 episode 10, Jessica Huang (Constance Wu) told his son Evan Huang (Ian Chen) that Santa Claus is really a scientist delivering presents on Christmas only as a charity work. On the other and, Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang) and Emery Huang (Forrest Wheeler) had a hard time looking for the perfect Christmas present for their mother and their grandmother (Lucille Soong).

Before the Christmas episode aired, Wu told TV Line that viewers would be delighted to see that her character is very much in the Christmas spirit. She added that her character enjoys celebrating Christmas and giving gifts.

Phillip Goldstein’s return in “Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 episode 11 is interesting because he is unexpectedly very different from Eddie Huang. The only thing they have in common is that they both eat Chinese food on Christmas.

Raised by strict Jewish parents, Phillip Goldstein is an adoptee who is interested in musicals and in Russian author Leo Tolstoy. He was the first Chinese kid Eddie Huang has met since his family moved from Washington, D.C. to Orlando.

Aside from Tsai, “Fresh off the Boat” Season 2 episode 11 will also include Brianna Bazler, Carissa Bazler and Isabella Bazler as students. Darren Dupree Washington, Nina Millin, Chevonne Hughes and Cory Blevins will be featured as parents.

In other news, Wu and her “Fresh off the Boat” co-star Randall Park were among the Asian talents in media recognised at the recent 14th annual Unforgettable Awards. Other awardees were CNN’s Lisa Ling, web sensation Eugene Lee Yang, “The Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” actress Chloe Bennet, according to Variety.

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