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With less than a month of waiting, fans of Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” are eagerly waiting to hear anything about its much-anticipated sequel, “Finding Dory.”

The blue tang fish that children and adults fell in love with in “Finding Nemo” is back with a strong desire to find her long lost family. Never mind that she suffers from short term memory or that she might be facing a long and dangerous road ahead. With only instincts and broken memories to guide her, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) takes her clownfish family, Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence) toward the wild waters.

Watch: “Finding Dory” featurette by Ellen DeGeneres

Source: YouTube/Comicbook.com

In the one-minute video that Comicbook.com released on May 18, Ellen DeGeneres gives a quick and efficient rundown on what fans are going to see in the Pixar animated film.

Despite its prequel’s huge success, director Andrew Stanton told Yahoo! Movies that “Finding Dory” is not profit-driven. According to him, Disney places more emphasis on what is worth watching rather than how much they can earn. His comment only fuelled the excitement of fans.

Wild and fun adventures

The first thing that fans can expect with Disney’s “Finding Dory” is that it’s going to be a long road ahead. With Dory suffering from short term memory loss, fans often ask how she and her friends will piece it all back together. Dory will be relying on what looks familiar, what doesn’t, and what her broken memories mean.

Her adventure will bring back memories for fans of “Finding Nemo” as they meet old friends along the way.

Friends are forever

“Finding Dory” is expected to give children a rich lesson on the value of family and friends. Official trailers allowed fans to see Marlin, who remains to be supportive and with a questionable sense of humour. Nemo, who is now voiced by Hayden Rolence because the original voice actor Alexander Gould is now 21 years old, will also be playing his part as the encouraging friend.

Recent spoilers told fans that they will also be meeting new friends in Bailey, who is voiced by “Modern Family” actor Ty Burrell, and Destiny, voiced by Kaitlin Olson of “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

An addition of a nosed beluga whale and a whale shark? Fans are already sitting at the edge of their seats.

Tears will roll

As is the trademark of Disney, fans are advised to bring tons of tissue boxes in the theatre. Inquisitr reported that in contrast with the G rating of “Finding Nemo,” its sequel will be rated PG. Either MPAA are levelling up their standards or there might be themes in the movie that will need the wisdom of parents.

A higher rating could also mean more complex thoughts and emotions coming from the admittedly tragic character in Dory. It could also mean that their adventures are about to get wilder.

Carefully fall in love with Dory all over again

The Guardian reported on Thursday that the dramatic success of “Finding Nemo” brought a drop in clownfish numbers in their traditional habitat. This gave birth to the “Saving Nemo” fund and its desire to protect the species of clownfish.

“People fell in love with the adorable characters and wanted to keep them as pets, instead of understanding the film’s conservation message of keeping Nemo in the ocean where he belongs,” said Saving Nemo co-founder Anita Nedosyko.

Australian scientists are now worried that the same thing might happen to the Dory’s kind, the blue tang fish.

Fans are cautioned to try not to fall in love with Dory too much; otherwise, what would the next generation see?

Life lessons

Watch: “Finding Dory” Official US Trailer

Source: YouTube/Disney•Pixar

“We will never forget you, Dory,” a voiceover of Dory’s mother said.

“What if I forget you?” Dory replied.

Those lines are the reason why “Finding Dory” will be loaded with lessons that children and adult fans will learn from and probably why it would be a good idea to bring a tissue box.

“Finding Dory” will hit the theatres on June 16 in Australia.

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