"Finding Dory" will feature two new characters, Bailey & Destiny, shown in this concept art. Facebook/Finding Dory

Fans of the wildly successful animated film “Finding Nemo” will be delighted to learn that its long-awaited sequel, “Finding Dory,” is set to be released this year. While waiting for the June 17 premiere, fans can now meet two new underwater characters, who will be joining Dory’s new adventure.

Disney/Pixar have given fans a sneak peek into the first images of two characters named Bailey, a snub nosed beluga whale, and Destiny, a gigantic whale shark. Bailey is voiced by “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy in the ABC sitcom. Destiny meanwhile, is brought to life by Kaitlin Olson of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” Photos of the two new characters have been shared on the official "Finding Dory" Facebook page.

The three characters encounter each other in a marine life rehabilitation centre as Dory is passing through the area, while on a mission to find her long-lost parents. Although the three of them may get on each other’s nerves, it appears they are kindred spirits.

“My character isn’t great at his own sonar capability, and Destiny has trouble swimming straight,”explains Burrell. Mixed with a fish that is only able to retain her memory for several seconds at a time, they make up an interesting motley crew of underwater creatures.

The main character, Dory, is still voiced by critically-acclaimed talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Burrell’s “Modern Family” co-star Ed O’Neill is also reportedly joining the cast of “Finding Dory.”

Burrell admits that he’s a big fan of the original film, "Finding Nemo," which was released in 2003. “There’s always a deeper message with Pixar, and so much of it is that these characters are trying to find faith in themselves,” he says.