Before the year ends, Square Enix has as few surprises for fans of “Final Fantasy XV.” First off is a few words from Game Director Hajime Tabata who shared some insights on the roles that the women in the game will take, as well as where exactly the road will take its characters for next year’s franchise.

In an exclusive with Examiner, Tabata mentioned that the game will feature two main types of magic that will power the narrative. The first is generic magic system to which the entire community in the world will adhere to. The second type is more concerned with magic that is available only to those who are part of the Royal family. This is interesting, considering how previously revealed details have also tackled exclusivity within the Royal family.

One best example here was the hint of how the black colour serves a purpose even for Noctis and his companions. In a previous interview, Tabata had confirmed that the outfits will have more purpose and even power when in battle.

The introduction of Luna in “Final Fantasy XV” may also be one of the demonstrations of how female characters will factor into the game. According to Tabata, the female characters will have a major role in the entire story of the game, though not necessarily impacting on Noctis and the guys’ journey.

“There are quite a lot of female characters the guys will meet along the road they take and they really enhance the story, and perform a lot of different roles in the story,” said Tabata to Examiner.

What exactly this means, Tabata has yet to expound on. More details are expected to come March 2016 at a special event.

Kicking off the holidays is the finished festive art, which the team had begun at the start of December. Almost every day, there has been an update on what fans can see in the finished artwork.

Over the course of its creation, Square Enix even held a poll on whether fans would prefer the regular yellow Chocobo to be included in the artwork or for them to go with a new holiday twist by bringing in an alternative black-coloured Chocobo. However, in the poll, it appears that fans prefer the beloved yellow Chocobo, which can be seen in the finished artwork.

In the finished artwork, Prompto and Luna have both been added in. The former had a Santa Claus outfit, while the latter went with her signature white gown. The rest of the gang including the black Regalia, a big yellow Chocobo and baby Chocobos complete the “Final Fantasy XV” artwork.

Square Enix has showcased the artwork in the official “FFXV” Twitter account. However, DualShockers also managed to get the wallpaper version of the “Final Fantasy XV” artwork, so fans can download them in anticipation of the upcoming game next year.

"Final Fantasy XV" Dawn trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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