"Final Fantasy XV" will be released globally on Nov. 29. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

“Final Fantasy XV,” which is scheduled its global release this week, is the latest edition to what is arguably the best franchise from Square Enix. The franchise has gone through a lot of changes without sacrificing what truly makes it unique, but the latest title does feature impressive combat styles.

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As noted by Game Spot, “Final Fantasy XV” will introduce players to the multi-blade fighting style of protagonist Noctis. This style will allow gamers to create an endless amount of combinations. Gamers can set up that Noctis will use a spear for the opening blow and end with a sword. Likewise, gamers can opt for lighter weapons in the initial combo and then finish with an air attack that uses a heavy weapon. The possibilities are virtually endless and combat is made an integral part of the game.

Magic has also played a large role across all “Final Fantasy” games. What Square Enix did with the latest title is provide gamers a way to personalise their spells, which makes the game more complicated and more fun at the same time. The crafting system gives spells a special effect that depend on the items combined in the crafting process. A lightning spell, for instance, can be made more effective with a curse status effect.

Noctis’ party and how they battle together are other significant factors in the combat in FFXV. Players can perform Cross Chains, which are cooperative attacks that are possible when an enemy is staggered. Activating the same allows Noctis and a party member to deliver an onslaught of link attacks that lead to a powerful finishing move.

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According to NDTV Gadgets, “Final Fantasy XV” is not the most realistic in terms of graphics, but it does work in the style that is undoubtedly of its franchise. The characters are not dressed outlandishly, but are voiced in a spectacular fashion. It will be launched globally on Nov. 29.

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