Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" from Square Enix Final Fantasy/Facebook

At the 2016 Tokyo Games Show, which was held over the weekend, Square Enix announced the release of a new mobile game, “King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon.” The game is part of the “Final Fantasy XV” universe and will eventually be available as a DLC.

The game is actually an homage to the original “King’s Knight,” which was first released in Japan in 1986 and in the West in 1989. The game’s composer, Nobou Uematsu, was also responsible for many of the celebrated scores in multiple “Final Fantasy” installments.

“Wrath Of The Dark Dragon” is a combination of scrolling shooting with actual RPG gameplay. It also sports an updated camera perspective, stylized graphics and the original music remastered with the help of an orchestra.

And while it is part of the “Final Fantasy XV” universe, “Wrath Of The Dark Dragon” features a completely new storyline and world. However, it might look familiar to players, as FFXV character Noctis is often playing the same during his team’s downtime.

The game is available in four-player multiplayer mode and is free for download. It will launch officially for both iOS and Android users sometime this year. After some time, “Wrath Of The Dark Dragon” will be available as a DLC to the base “Final Fantasy XV” game. However, a Western release date is still unknown.

“The stage is set for an all new adventure,” the trailer teases. “Countless new companions take the stage.”

Players of “Wrath of the Dark Dragon” will meet four of the characters, who sport different skills and specialities. There is Ray Jack, who is the warrior and the Hero of the Holy Sword, and Kaliva, who is called the Wizard and described as a wandering mystic. There is also Barusa, known as the Gigant and monster with a heart of gold, and Toby, who is described as a thief and a man of a many talents.

Pre-registration for the mobile game is already ongoing.