Final Fantasy
Visitors play Final Fantasy XV, a video game published by Square-Enix at the Paris Games Week, a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 26, 2016. Reuters/Benoit Tessier

The latest video of “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” has provided a sneak peek into the gameplay and early birds might be in for a little surprise planned by the developers. A bonus will be offered to those who purchase the game in advance.

The 28-second video was posted on the Japanese Twitter page of “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2,” also known as “Final Fantasy Legends II” in Japan.

As the video shows, the gameplay of the “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” will be the same as that of its predecessor. The developers have remained loyal to the game’s roots, the “Final Fantasy Dimensions.”

“Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” players will be able to easily choose and strategise the “job change-based character growth and ability combination strategy” as per their preferences. The battle system has an outstanding 2D pixel art that is bound to wow the audience, writes The Bitbag.

“Final Fantasy” has been famous for its light vs darkness fights to win crystals. The video also shows previewed enemies who will do just that. While “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” has instilled fresh elements in its gameplay, it has also kept the retro touch. Hence, players will be treated to a retro-fresh gameplay.

The Twitter post when translated says that players pre-registering for the “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” will get Tidus and his weapon. Players will also be able to use his awesome “spiral cutter” technique in the game. The developers may have also added certain “Final Fantasy” stars to the game.

Players, after seeing the videos, have already started planning on how to beat the darkness and win crystals. The “Final Fantasy Dimensions 2” game is still in the Japanese version and players worldwide are eagerly waiting for the English version of the game.

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