Civilization VI
"Civilization VI" will bring in the reign of Queen Victoria. Civilization VI

“Civilization VI” has emerged to be Steam’s most-popular non-Valve game and has broken the one million player mark. The game has been a stupendous success, especially after the “Civilization: Beyond Earth” game received a lukewarm response. Firaxis thanked the fans on Twitter also announcing the one million players.

Over the weekend, “Civilization VI” became the most-played game on Steam after Valve’s “Dota 2” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” This made “Civilization 6” the most-played non-Valve game this weekend, writes TechnoBuffalo.

However, the “Civilization VI” game has also been criticised for its artificial intelligence problems. A quick surf through game forums would make the problem clear. Moreover, players who have tried the difficult levels have also complained about the AI problems. Firaxis Games must look into the problem soon to make the game the best ever.

Various “Civilization VI” cheats are making rounds on the Internet. Map reveal, unli-clash, God mode and debug console cheats have been discussed here. The cheats work only in the offline mode though.

“Civilization 6” players first need to activate their debug console by altering the config.ini file in the game’s folder. Players need to open the file on Notepad and change the DebugPane value to one from zero and save the file. The Debug console can be opened by pressing [‘] tilde in-game.

“Civilization VI” players can unlock the entire map by opening the Debug console in-game and plugging in “Reveal All.” There are a plethora of cheats to be unlocked and MrAntiFun has laid down the instruction clearly.

Some of the cheats available for “Civilization 6” are Fast Project, Fast Recruiting, Fast Construction, Fast Culture, Fast Research, God Mode, Set Faith, Inf.Nukes, Inf.Movement, Set Money, Set Envoys and Population Minimum 10.

These cheats may help “Civilization VI” players in easing out the gameplay when the going gets too tough.