Civilization 6
“Civilization VI” has surprised fans yet again with some new stuff. This time it is an 800MB patch and it’s a big holiday surprise as the update includes the new playable civilisation, Poland. Another is a “Winter Update” that introduces a few tweaks and fixes for the core game. It’s the paid pieces of DLC that introduces the new civilisation and some new scenarios. Facebook/Sid Meier’s Civilization

A recent “Civilization 6” gameplay update has revealed Norway’s leader as the last great Viking king Harald Hardrada. The “Civilization 6” “First Look: Norway” team shared important game details like Harald’s Leader Ability being “The Thunderbolt of the North.” His naval units can perform coastal raids and Harald also gets the Viking Longship on top of his coastal raid ability. It can heal in neutral territory.

Berserker is “Civilization 6” Norway’s unique unit, familiar theme for many RPG players. The Berserker is very vulnerable when defending but gets a bonus to attack as pillaging costs one less movement. Norway’s most unique building the Stave Church has all the benefits of a temple but gets an additional faith adjacency bonus from woods, writes iDigitalTimes.

Norway’s naval units do not pay any cost to embark or disembark. Moreover, all naval and embarked units move to ocean tiles if one researches Shipbuilding thoroughly.

The Bitbag has revealed that there are at least four different types of justified warfare in “Civilization 6.” In order to protect a Civilisation or City State, players will finally be able to wage war against other Civilisations. Players can also reclaim a city and even carry out a religious warfare against other civilisations.

Players may declare a Holy, Liberation, Reconquest, or Protectorate war against other Civilisations once Diplomatic Service is obtained. This system in “Civilization 6” is not for dominating other players but simply to reclaim cities. Warmonger penalties are not applicable if a player wages a Liberation War aiming only to return conquered cities to their original owners.

In case a different civilisation has conquered cities from a player, Reconquest Wars are a good choice. If a player pledges to protect City States, a Protectorate War is the answer. Holy Wars in “Civilization 6” are against civilisations who are spreading their religion to a player’s cities despite warning.

“Civilization 6” will hit shelves on Oct. 21.