Clash of Clans
"Clash of Clans" posted this photo after it completed its maintenance break. Facebook/Clash of Clans

Recently, some members from the “Clash of Clans” community slammed Supercell’s “design values” blog post where the company explained what keeps the team going. The blog post stated that the team always aims to make people play the game not only for weeks or months but for years to come. Achieving this goal is a big challenge that keeps the team on its toes always.

Then the post talked about the key values in making the “Clash of Clans” game, play-style diversity, depth, social play, simplicity and meaningful progression.

“We know that with a community this large and diverse, not everyone will feel the same way about changes or agree on what’s best for the game. Hopefully, sharing our development philosophy will give you more insight into our decision-making process and set the stage for many, many fruitful conversations for years to come,” said the blog post.

While some thought that the post is a sign of reaching out to the audience, many were not happy with the post and called it an excuse on part of Supercell to justify “big changes” in the next “Clash of Clans” update and not provide actual reasons for such changes. They said it’s just a precursor to the upcoming “big update” post.

“The one that bothered me the most and that has conflicting values is the Simplicity. The December 2015 update with the shield changes completely goes against these values,” said Redditor Likwidfuzion.

Even members in the “Clash of Clans” game forum echoed similar sentiments stating that Supercell is merely coming up with excuses than focusing on the things that got to be fixed in the game. Thus, it is clear that Supercell cannot win hearts by reaching out to its fan base and not doing anything to improve game quality.

A primary reason for Supercell facing the heat is this year’s cancellation of ClashCon, which was a huge red flag for “Clash of Clans.”