Clash of Clans`
Finnish game company Supercell Co-Founder and CEO Ilkka Paananen meets the press in the company's headquarters in Helsinki, Finland June 21, 2016. Reuters/Lehtikuva/Seppo Samuli

“Clash of Clans” developer and publisher Supercell is going Niantic's “Pokemon GO” route as it has started banning players for third-party apps, hacking tools and scripts. In a bid to stick to its Fair Play Policy and taking things a step ahead of “Pokemon GO,” Supercell has stated that it won’t unban any of the accounts for life.

Such strict measures from the “Clash of Clans” game developer have sent a shockwave among players who are now permanently banned from playing the game. While cheaters are at a loss of words and utterly frustrated, some players are urging Supercell to reconsider its decision and unban their accounts as they did not mean to cheat.

Another set of player at the receiving end called Supercell’s decision “unfair” as they believe that their accounts were banned due to no reason. They are also of the opinion that Supercell’s ban has not considered many cheaters who are still being able to access their accounts, reports The Bitbag.

As per “Clash of Clans” developers, the ban is not just a one-time action. They will keep doing so to send a strong message to cheaters who spoil the gameplay for others. Supercell’s Fair Play Policy exclusively prohibits any use of mods, hacks or software that would alter the game’s functionality. Moreover, players using any kind of automation scripts or programs aimed at modifying the game would be permanently banned.

Apart from mods, hacks and scripts, anyone using unfair means to buy or sell in-game items or game accounts will also be banned. The move is also being hailed by many who stuck to their guns and never resorted to unfair means while playing “Clash of Clans.” They were frustrated and often complained about not being able to compete against players using illegal tools.

It is highly advisable that players go through Supercell’s Fair Play Policy before playing “Clash of Clans.”