Clash of Clans
The Miner is the new troop for Town Hall 10 of "Clash of Clans." Supercell

Supercell’s promised May update is slowly being delivered. This time, two new troops and spells are coming to two levels of “Clash of Clans.”

Following a maintenance break, everything is now back online in “Clash of Clans.” The in-game update has introduced a new troop for Town Hall 10, which is the Miner. The Miner can burrow underground beneath the walls and pop up right next to their targets.

Miners are also untouchable when they are underground, and they cannot trigger any traps. This is perfect for combating a combination of walls and traps for some villages. Players can train Miners in the new Barracks level 12.

The other new troop in “Clash of Clans” is the Baby Dragon. It tends to be a little clingy because it needs to be with other air unis. If it is left alone, it will become enraged, thus gaining bonus damage and attack speed. The Baby Dragons are new Town Hall 9 troops, so they can be trained in the Barracks level 11.

Both levels also have new spells in tow. Town Hall 9 will receive the new Dark Spell, he Skeleton Spell. This lets players summon an army of Skeletons from anywhere on the battlefield. Upgrading Skeleton Spells can summon even more Skeletons.

For Town Hall 10, there is a new Clone Spell, meant to create copies of troops that enter within its circle. This is perfect for tactics that make use of powerful troops or horde troops. Upgrading the Clone Spell will spawn more housing space of units.

The Skeleton Spell can be brewed in the Dark Spell Factory level 4, while the Clone Spell can be done so in level 5. Some UI changes can also be seen in the clan section. Supercell has reversed the way the chat updates, so players will now have to scroll down for new updates. There’s an easy button for Challenging clanmates and an easy button to access the stats of the clan as well as Request troops.

In a new blog post for “Clash of Clans,” Supercell has brought in some new tweaks to the Friendly Challenges following fan feedback to the new feature. One change is in restrictions for Layout Replacing. Clan Wars-heavy players have noted that Friendly Challenges may affect Clan War dynamics. Those in Town Hall 9 and above will be restricted so layout modifications within the last 24 hours will not be available for Friendly Challenges. Those with Town Hall 8 and below need not worry about these restrictions.

There are also changes to scouting on Preparation Day. A clan will no longer be able to see the War Base layout of an opponent on Preparation Day. Scouting will only show the active Village layout. This prevents fully copying the layouts for battle, but will also not leave opponents lost on what they are facing on Battle Day

For those who are wondering, the one-day gem resource boost is already over following the new update. Hopefully, everyone who needed the resources have already gotten them ready for the Friendly Challenges and new content.

"Clash of Clans" Miner tip (Credit: YouTube/Chief Pat)