Civilization 6
Cleopatra will lead Egypt in "Civilization 6." Sid Meier's Civilization 6

The next showcase of “Civilization VI” footage zones in on Egypt, and what trade and other features it will have. The video follows U.S. and England-focused videos.

Seen in the video below, the first look provides a glimpse of how Egypt is with Cleopatra at the helm. She may have been known for her affairs with some prominent men in history, but having her as the leader of Egypt in “Civilization 6” brings wonders to the civ.

The special ability for Egypt lets builders create districts and landmarks if they are located near rivers. It also has the advantage of not being obstructed by flood plains when placing. According to VG 247, Egypt may be the best place for those who place emphasis on trade strategies.

Cleopatra also enables Egypt to have more trade routes, which then gives more gold. Any trade routes that are linked to other civilizations will increase the gold bonus and food. This ensures that Egypt will be a valuable ally that cannot be discounted in the game.

Finally, as per the video, the unique nit for Egypt is the archer, which gets bonus movement when it starts on open terrain. The mobility of the units lets them be responsive. Sphinxes bring faith and culture, and when build next to a wonder, hey can give more bonuses.

Even though building Egypt as a standalone and isolated civ, it’s best to ensure that they remain central and accessible to other civilizations. This makes their bonuses more profitable

As far as a new installment of the franchise go, even with the expected changes, it seems that there’s high hope for “Civilization VI.”

It is one of the games that made it to the list of winners for the Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2016. According to PC Gamer, the game was granted the Best PC game. The game was sampled on the showroom floor

“Civilization 6” will arrive on Oct. 21. It will launch on the PC, Mac and Linux systems.

"Civilization 6" first look: Egypt trailer (Credit: YouTube/Sid Meier's Civilization)