Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Go+ device will be released in July. Nintendo

A lot of Pokemon fans’ dreams came true the moment “Pokemon Go” launched. Emulating how it feels to be a trainer who catches Pokemon in the wild, Niantic Labs’ AR title has been a hit with everyone who has access to it so far.

In fact, the success is now felt across the regions that it has already launched in, including the U.S., so much so that the game has been topping charts left and right. In less than a day, “Pokemon Go” has topped the iOS charts in the U.S., GeekWire reported.

In fact, since the app made its debut in Australia and New Zealand, the developer has taken quick steps to ensure that U.S. players can get their hands on it. For this, the developer finally released the game in the U.S., where it made zoomed up the charts in no time.

iOS device users will need 110 MB of space to get the app working. It is also only compatible with the iOS 8 or later program. So far, the reviews have been leaning towards the positives, giving it a 4.5 rating on iTunes. According to the App Store page, the top three in-app purchases are the 100 PokeCoins, 550 PokeCoins and 1,200 PokeCoins bundles, which range from US$1.49 (approx. AU$1.99) to US$14.99 (approx. AU$19.97).

At the Google Play Store, the game has received similar reviews. For the most part, a lot of the complaints involve the game crashing or the slow servers. This may be expected for the next couple of days or weeks, especially since fans have been looking forward to it since the beta phase. Some players even tried to find workarounds to get started quickly with the game.

“Pokemon Go” is a free-to-play app, but there is a big chance that in-app purchases will be necessary. Since it follows Nintendo’s other successful mobile title Miitomo, the company may be seeing another great app for the meantime.