Battlefield 1
"Battlefield 1" will feature large player-controllable vehicles. Battlefield Blog

The praise and likes that the first trailer for “Battlefield 1” shows just how much some people have been looking forward to its brand of old-school war. This may seem like a natural tendency, especially since there is an abundance of space shooters and futuristic FPS.

However, it seems that the developers themselves admitted that the theme of World War I was a risk that the studio had to take. Speaking to Games Industry Biz, EA revealed that what propelled the decision was the suitability of “Battlefield” for the setting, as well as the need to strive for creativity even when it means taking risks.

“We zigged when the market was zagging in shooters. It was something that, at the moment that we put out the press release, to get the fan response that we did, was incredibly gratifying and it as pretty thrilling to see how the market received the game in that way,” said Laura Miele, EA global publishing chief.

Also when taking the main pillars of “Battlefield” as a backdrop, Miele also stated that the World War I setting adheres to most of these. The technology of World War I may have started with the more basic and manual, but since the end already saw tanks, perhaps the game will also see an evolution in the technology used.

Impressions from the closed alpha of “Battlefield 1” have also started to trickle in. it appears that EA has dropped the NDA for those who have already sampled it. As such, the likes of Eurogamer has featured its own closed alpha experience. The footage from the live stream can be seen below, and it’s worth 90 minutes of preview of the game.

For the most part, the current reviews based on the closed alpha have been generally positive, which matches up with what the developer has showcased of the game at E3 2016.

From the varied array of maps to the ability to bring damage to the environment, there’s a depth in the world and setting that shows just how much FPS games have advanced. Part of those that can get destroyed are vehicles, though they still serve quite a great purpose, as far as functioning as transportation around and about the battlefield is concerned.

“Battlefield 1” is set to release on Oct. 21. It will land on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Sneak peek of the closed alpha for "Battlefield 1" (Credit: YouTube/Eurogamer)