'Fear the Walking Dead'
Actors Cliff Curtis (L), Frank Dillane (C) and Alycia Dernam-Carey participate in the AMC "Fear the Walking Dead" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer 2015 Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 31, 2015. Reuters/David McNew

The cast members of “Fear the Walking Dead” TV series talked about five things they would take with them in case of an apocalypse in a recent interview. The answers ranged from bringing “uplifting music” to “MacGyver.”

In an interview with People, Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia Clark) said that the first thing she would need in case of an apocalypse is “one big coat.” The actress apparently feels cold “everywhere.” The interview was taken on the set of the TV series and the fans get to see some behind the scenes footage in the video.

Lorenzo James Henrie (Chris Manawa) didn’t want to forget his toothbrush and listed it as the first item he would take. Elizabeth Rodriguez (Liza Ortiz) wanted to take enough water to survive. The TV series showed some people stocking up on water, just when things started to get really bad and the video shows how important water was in the first season.

Along with water, people also need food to survive an apocalypse. Debnam-Carey wanted to take avocado and toast, which is her favourite. Mercedes Mason (Ofelia Salazar) wanted to carry a flame thrower, which she may use to fight off the Walkers and rival groups.

The video does not show any footage from “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, but most of the cast members of the show were interviewed. Rodriguez wanted to carry mascara, for obvious reasons. Mason also wanted three balls of yarn, a can of tuna, a machete and Mac Gyver.

James Henrie remembered ammunition, an important supply item that the survivors on the show also stock up on whenever possible. Debnam-Carey was willing to make do with just a pocket knife and said that she could do “everything with that.”

Cliff Curtis (Travis Manawa), who plays the lead role in “Fear the Walking Dead,” wanted to bring along some “positive, uplifting music.” He also wanted to make sure that he had some clean underwear because that’s what “mom would want you to do.”