EyeLock Introduces Myris Iris Scanners for Security in Consumer Devices [WATCH VIDEOS]

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EyeLock, an advanced iris based identity management technology solutions company, recently introduced the new Myris iris scanners for security in consumer devices. It is a revolutionary technology that will elevate the current biometrics identification and security systems to a whole new level. And, what's great is that it will be made accessible to regular people, not just a chosen few.

According to EyeLock, the Myris iris scanner eliminates the need to remember user names and passwords, especially when logging in to Web sites such as PayPal, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, email and bank accounts. All users need are their eyes to verify their identities. And, since eyes are very unique, even in identical twins, then security is guaranteed. Plus, it's easy as pie. It's just like looking in the mirror and voila, instant access to password-protected accounts and gadgets. EyeLock claims that the Myris Iris Scanner gives you 1-in-2-trillion security.

"Iris, as a human part of the body, is second only to DNA in terms of its ability to authenticate someone with certainty," said EyeLock chief marketing officer Anthony Antolino in a report by Mashable.

The EyeLock Myris iris scanner is a compact device that resembles a mouse. In order to use it, just plug it in to any USB port and launch the app from the desktop. After a few simple steps to set up your profile and generate your unique iris-based ID, you can just add your favourite Web sites and apps to Myris. Once it's set up, you can now log in to any password-protected Web site by simply looking at the Myris iris scanner. Not only is it fast and secure, it's perfect for people who always forget their passwords or usernames when logging in to a Web site that requires this information.

EyeLock collaborated with VOXX Electronics to make the Myris.

"Partnering with VOXX Electronics guarantees our technology will reach the broadest possible audience and propel digital security into the next era," said EyeLock chief executive officer Jim Demitrieus in a report by The Star.

"Identity theft is a worldwide problem and we have a global solution," said Voxx Electronics president Tom Malone in The Star report.

This amazing technology was once only dreamed of and just seen in TV shows, books and movies that are set in the distant future, way beyond the year 2014. Thanks to the brilliant inventors and tech companies that invested their time, effort and money into researching and actually making these iris scanners for gadgets. Now, people with laptops, tablets, smartphones and computers that have the EyeLock Myris iris scanner will have more security and peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected.

EyeLock reportedly plans to release the Myris iris scanner to enterprise customers and consumers in the latter part of 2014.

Watch the EyeLock Demo video below.

CREDIT: YouTube/HoyosEyeLock

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