'The Exorcist'
A still from FOX TV series "The Exorcist." Facebook/ The Exorcist FOX

A preview video of “The Exorcist” episode 3 has been released online. The video shows Father Marcus showing Tomas the ropes of how to identify demonic possessions and how an exorcism works.

[Spoiler alert]

A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) visiting Angela’s (Geena Davis) house. Both the husband and the wife accompany the priest, as he takes a look around the house.

Henry (Alan Ruck) wonders if the priest is picking up anything in the house, like a presence of a demon. Father Marcus tells him that that is not how it works. The priest studies random objects in the house, like pictures.

One object that he seems interested in is a mirror that belongs to Casey. She says that it was given to her by a salesman. The Salesman (Robert Emmet Lunney) was revealed to be the demon in the previous episode of “The Exorcist,” however Father Marcus had remarked that there are many demons that they will have to face there.

The exorcism begins with Casey, who is concerned about what the priest is up to. The demon inside of her will finally begin to speak after Father Marcus compels it to respond. But, the exorcism will be fraught with danger, as the demons know all about the priest and his past.

While the priests focus on the exorcism, strange phenomenon continue to take place on the outside. After multiple homicides in the previous episode, a man will burn to death in episode 3.

Meanwhile, a report by TV by Numbers suggests that “The Exorcist” is in danger of being cancelled. After a modest start in the premiere, the viewership of the TV series dropped in the second episode. If this trend continues with episode 3; then there is a chance that the show will get cancelled.