'The Exorcist'
A still from FOX TV series "The Exorcist." Facebook/ The Exorcist FOX

The two priests will have to deal with multiple demons in episode 2 of “The Exorcist.” A preview video of the next episode has surfaced online, teasing some of the scenes. The priests will face some challenges even before exorcism begins, as per the official synopsis.

[Spoiler alert]

A preview of the next episode of the TV series posted on the YouTube channel of Television Promos shows the challenges the priests will face. There are multiple demons on the loose, and they will commit mass murders. At least nine people will be killed in a mass homicide, and it gets reported in the news.

All the murders are somehow connected to Angela’s (Geena Davis) daughter Casey (Hannah Kasulka). The premiere episode featured a shocking twist in which the normal looking daughter was revealed to be the one who is possessed. The preview video shows how a particular demon chose her for some reason.

Angela knows that her daughter is getting worse. She will confront Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) about Casey’s condition in the next episode of “The Exorcist.” The priest will then introduce Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) as an expert in demonic possessions.

According to the official synopsis of the episode Bishop Egan will not give his permission for the exorcism of Casey. However, a defiant Father Marcus will go ahead anyway.

As the exorcism begins, Father Marcus is curious about a little mirror Casey has. She tells him that it was given to her by a Salesman (Robert Emmet Lunney). This Salesman appears to be a demon of some significance in the TV series, and may cause the multiple deaths.

The exorcism will lead to some strange phenomenon in the house that will scare Father Tomas. Father Marcus will ask the demon inside Casey to respond, but it is not clear if the demon will reveal himself in “The Exorcist” episode 2.