Actress Nina Dobrev has revealed that she had fun scaring her fellow cast members on the set of “The Final Girls.”

Dobrev, who previously starred in the sci-fi horror television series “Vampire Diaries,” told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that she is not a horror fan but finds joy in pulling scary pranks on her co-stars

“I do this thing called the ‘Scare Series,’” she said. ”I just really find joy in other people’s fear and discomfort.”

The former “Vampire Diaries” star revealed that her favourite victim is Alexander Ludwig. She also described in detail how she use to terrify Ludwig.

“Basically, any opportunity I had to hide behind any wall or in a dark corner, behind a curtain, I took it, and I would scare him. It was especially funny with him because he’s he’s a big guy -- he’s a man -- and when he screams, he’s a little girl. And it just made me so happy,” Dobrev said.

Dobrev, however, only likes to terrify others. She is not fond of horror genre and does not like to watch scary films. She prefers watching comedies, or action films.

“The Final Girls” follows a group of teenagers who find themselves trapped inside an 80s-era horror film called “Camp Bloodbath.” They will have to survive the maniacal killer using their horror tropes.

Dobrev plays Vicki, and Taissa Farmiga, Alexander Ludwig, Alia Shawkat and Thomas Middleditch are playing her high school friends.

The actress said that fans should expect to see a “surprising” and “different” kind of movie. “It’s fun, it’s sad, there’s heart, there’s heartbreak, there’s action, and you’re laughing, and you’re screaming at the same time. You go through a real emotional rollercoaster from the beginning to the end,” she said.

The film made its debut at SXSW, and it reportedly impressed the critics. “The Final Girl” is “an amusingly meta horror-thriller” that is full of “good fun that should delight genre fans,” according to Variety’s review.

“The Final Girls” premieres in the theatres and on iTunes on Oct. 9.

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