Emily Deschanel
Actress Emily Deschanel speaks about the Fox television show "Bones" during the TCA presentations in Pasadena, California, U.S., January 11, 2017. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The end may not actually be the end for “Bones.” Fans could possible see their favourite characters one way or another.

The US Fox TV series bid its final goodbye this week with the title “The End in the End.” This made many to speculate that the show is suggesting something else more than just an ending. Is “Bones” coming back?

Lead star Emily Deschanel (Dr. Temperance Brennan) has an answer to that. In an interview with CNN, Deschanel revealed that she is not ruling any possibility of coming back in the future.

Executive producer Jonathan Collier hinted that fans might still see their favourite characters in the future. “It's complicated. There's continual denial, because we live in a time when ‘24,’ ‘X-Files,’ all these shows are brought back. And so you go, it's the end, but it's not the end,” Collier told Variety.

Earlier this year, EP Hart Hanson had admitted that he is considering the possibility of bringing back the show once again after its series finale. However, David Boreanaz (FBI Agent Seeley Booth) said he is not keen in joining a possible reunion of “Bones” cast members.

Meanwhile, Deschanel admitted that it will take time before she finally recovers from the pain of losing the show that has been a part of her routine for a dozen of years. The actress told TVLine she will definitely miss the cast and crew of the hit procedural show.

“It will never be the same. I'm in the process of mourning the show itself. I think that will take longer to mourn, to kind of know what the show was for me and how it fits into television history," Deschanel said.

The showrunners and some cast members have been vocal that it was not their choice to end the series after 12 years. Nonetheless, Deschanel said it was a good run.

She also shared her thought on how her character was portrayed in the end. In the series finale, Brennan lost her very scientific crime-solving abilities after an explosion at the Jeffersonian Institution.

Deschanel said she was fascinated by the concept when it was first presented to her. In fact, she encouraged the writers to explore the storyline to its deepest depths. The actress said she is happy that Brennan ended up just fine with or without her superior intellectual skills.

"Bones" airs on Channel 7 in Australia. The finale will air in April.