The Elder Scrolls Legends
"The Elder Scrolls Legends" will introduce a couple of Legendary Races in the digital card game. Bethesda

The pre-E3 2016 leaks are right once again. Bethesda has announced that a “The Elder Scrolls: Remastered” will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Bethesda confirmed this during its E3 2016 Conference. As a bonus, it seems that the developer has ensured that it will not leave behind fans who have already own the game. According to Forbes, players who already own a copy off “Skyrim’ with the other DLCs or the Legendary Edition can upgrade to the “Skyrim Special Edition” for free starting Oct. 28.

It seems like the offer is currently available for PC owners. There has been no announcement yet for console players.

The upcoming card game, “Elder Scrolls Legends,” also received some new information, as well as a new trailer, seen below. During Bethesda’s E3 2016 conference, the developer revealed that the digital card game will also be backed by a solid single-player story mode, as detailed in the official Bethesda website.

The main character is supposedly a priest, though details for this are still scarce. The priest’s name is Kellen, and the game is meant to give players a way to change the history of Tamriel. But the very presence of a story mode for the card game does give “The Elder Scrolls Legends” a different spin compared to its other card game counterparts.

“’The Elder Scrolls’ reveal the past, present and future of Tamriel. Told through the eyes of a moth priest named Kellen, ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ will allow you to change the course of Elder Scrolls history through its rich story-driven campaign and strategic card-based gameplay,” said the developer via the official YouTube.

A beta is expected to arrive before the launch of the card game sometime later this year. More specific details will be given during the beta. Signups already available over the official Bethesda website. “The Elder Scrolls Legends” will be released on the iOS, Android and PC platforms.

"The Elder Scrolls Legends" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)