The Elder Scrolls Online
The Dark Brotherhood DLC is coming to "The Elder Scrolls Online." Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda’s “The Elder Scrolls Online” is going to expand a little more with the coming expansion. Dark Brotherhood is coming at the end of May, and it appears that PC players will get their hands on it first.

PC players are looking at a May 31 release date, but those who are playing on the newer consoles, Xbox One and PS4, will have to wait until June 14 for a copy.

Apart from the release date, the developer has also released some more details about the next DLC. For starters, it will be a free expansion for those who already have an ESO Plus membership. Those who don’t will just have to make sure that they have 2,000 crowns of in-game currency to get it via the virtual marketplace.

The Dark Brotherhood expansion will have players part of a group of assassins following the Oblivion DLC. The DLC will expand the game with several hours’ worth of quests, more gear and even more encounters, GameSpot reported

“Become the deadliest assassin with a new and exclusive passive skill-line, defend the Brotherhood against a mysterious foe in hours of new story content, prove your skill for homicide in new repeatable assassination quests and more,” Bethesda had said of the DLC.

Players will be joining Tamriel’s most premier guild of assassins. The expansion will introduce the new zone Gold Coast, found on the West Coast of Cyrodiil, which also houses Anvil and Kvatch. However, it will not be a PvP area, as it is not included in the arms of war-ravaged areas in the game.

The developer has also released a full patch notes that will come to “The Elder Scrolls Online.” Over at the official website, Bethesda has released the patch 2.4.0, which brings some support to the new content.

The next DLC will come in two parts, which is the game pack and the base game patch. Everyone is entitled to the base game patch, so long as they have a copy of “The Elder Scrolls Online.’ Following this, it will automatically download the DLC game pack to instantly access the new content after purchase.

The Dark Brotherhood will introduce new delves and group bosses, a new passive skill line for members of the Dark Brotherhood, some new items and repeatable content. There will also be some changes to the previous DLC game packs, the most notable of which is the District capture system for Imperial City.

For the base game patch, it will include poison-making for the Alchemy system, improvements to item set traits, enhancements to Grouping Tool and a few more items. The overall game will also have improvements in itemisation, UI, combat and gameplay.

All of the details for the new patch can be seen below. Players will need to prepare 3.2GB size for the upcoming patch.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" Dark Brotherhood DLC (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)