Uncharted 4
Sony has announced the "Uncharted 4" limited edition PS4 bundle. PlayStation Blog

Naughty Dog’s anticipated “Uncharted 4” title is still not due for two more weeks. However, some fans already have a copy of the game.

It appears that one particular retail store, CEX, in U.K. had broken the street date a full two weeks ahead of the game’s official release. Videogamer had spotted screenshots of a copy of the game in gamers’ hands. The game seems to already be on display in the aforementioned retail store, and can be bought even without reservation. At least this was the case for the alleged owner of the receipt screenshot in the link above. Additionally, the report also stated that some fans have gotten dispatch emails from Amazon Germany and U.S.

Still, the access of players to the game is limited to playing the single-player campaign. Multiplayer is still not available for play, while the trophy list and DLC code for the Day One Edition are both not yet available.

For fans who have yet to get through two weeks of waiting, Naughty Dog has released the final trailer for “Uncharted 4.” The trailer, release over at PlayStation Blog, shows more of Nathan’s brother in the 30-seconder clip. He’s even shown to say that Nathan is “meant for this life,” which seem to be alluding to the life of adventuring.

Or maybe there’s more to his life. Naughty Dog’s Ricky Cambier revealed in a new video that more of Nathan Drake’s history will be revealed in the game. Seen below, Cambier mentioned that “Uncharted 4” will make use of his brother Sam’s presence in the game to shed some light on a different side of Nathan Drake.

This seems like a fitting end to Nathan Drake’s adventures. Fans are expecting something dramatic to happen in the end, and whether or not it’s an actual death, a death of a career as a thief, or a continuation of a legacy remains to be seen.

PlayStation trailer "Uncharted 4" (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)