Borderlands 2
"Borderlands 3," the follow-up to "Borderlands 2" is already in the early stages of development. Gearbox Software

The next “Borderlands” title is already in development over at Gearbox Software. This was revealed by CEO Randy Pitchford, confirming that the art director for “Battleborn,” Scott Kester, is now turning his sights towardsthe creation of “Borderlands 3.”

Without revealing specifics, Pitchford hinted that the development may already be at the early stages, IGN reported. This is so much so that there may even be Easter eggs for “Borderlands 3” in the expansion for “Battleborn.”

All of these have been announced at the recently concluded PAX East 2016. Details were not provided on what exactly the focus of the upcoming game will be. But fans who are interested in picking up the DLC for “Battleborn,” there may be surprises hailing to “Borderlands 3” in them, so that’s a good teaser to tide fans over until the developer announces more details.

It is possible that the developer will be able to give more details and progress with “Borderlands 3” even further once “Battleborn” has launched. It’s slated to come out on May 3 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The next “Borderlands” title is not the only thing in the franchise that’s moving in terms of development. A new report from GameSpot has confirmed that Lionsgate studio has already found a writer to pen the storyline for the upcoming “Borderlands” movie.

Aaron Berg is said to be the scriptwriter of the movie that’s also allegedly going to be slapped with an R-rating. This is not surprising, considering the natural vibe that the ‘Borderlands” franchise gives off.

The movie will have be under the production care of father and son duo Avi and Ari Arad, whose names have been linked to several superhero movie franchises. Still, the edgy vibe planned for “Borderlands” might just tide fans over, especially if it follows after the franchise’s own heart. The recent success of “Deadpool” shows that, when done right, putting the original appeal of a franchise on the big screen can pay off in big loads.

"Borderlands 3" from Gearbox Software (Credit: YouTube/Admiral Bahroo)