PlayStation Golden Week Sale 2016
Golden Week Sale 2016 offers a lot of Japanese titles at discounted prices. PlayStation Store

Xbox One and Xbox 360 players may already be looking forward to the free games for May via Games with Gold, but PlayStation players still need to wait for an official announcement. However, two titles have already been leaked and speculated to be part of the May 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup.

The German PlayStation Store has allegedly leaked a screenshot that offers two PS4 games. The games are “Watch Dogs” and “Tetris Ultimate,” PlayStation Lifestyle reported. This is currently a rumour as of the moment, as there have been confirmations from Sony or the credibility of the source of the image.

Adding “Watch Dogs” as a free game does bring up the offering of games one level higher. Previously, PlayStation players have been airing their disappointment with Sony’s choice of free games offered via the PlayStation Plus service. Now the games to watch would be those offered for the PS Vita, which has also gotten flak for the past few months of PS Plus.

While Sony has not yet announced the official lineup for the PlayStation Plus May 2016, there is an official announcement linked to this week’s sale. In celebration of the Golden Week holiday in Japan, the company has announced some discounted titles for the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSP.

These are Japanese titles accessible to PlayStation players who have a PSN account. PlayStation Plus owners can also look forward to some early deals, as a PS Plus subscription will bring even higher discounts.

Detailed over the PlayStation Store, the Golden Week Sale offers some pretty good selections of games. Spearheading the list are two much anticipated titles from beloved manga franchises. Both “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” and “Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth” are now offered for as low as US$35.99 (approx. AU$47) for PS Plus users.

Other notable titles for the PS4 include “Gravity Rush Remastered,” “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD,” “Saint Seya Soldiers’ Soul,” “Samurai Warriors 4-II” and “Rainbow Moon.” These titles alone are discounted anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. The full list of discounted titles can be seen in the link above.

The Golden Week sale will offer as much as 50 percent in discounts for regular players, and as much as 75 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members. As per the promotional ad, there’s also a chance for players to earn three times the Sony rewards points for all Golden Week Sale purchases. This offer is a time-limited deal, and is bound to end on May 2.

Golden Week Sale 2016 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation News Daily)