Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" dev is holding a Chocobo Twitter contest to unlock gifts for players. Square Enix

A new trailer for the upcoming Kingsglaive spin-off for “Final Fantasy XV” has been released. For those whose memory may need refreshing, “Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV” is the CGI full-length movie on the new “Final Fantasy” title.

The trailer, seen below, is still in its Japanese goodness with no translations. However, there aren’t any speaking lines so it’s really about enjoying some snippets in the movie. At the end, the launch date of the movie in theatres in Japan was revealed to be on July 9.

Previously, Kotaku reported that the Kingsglaive movie will feature some talents whom many “Game of Thrones” fans will be familiar with. These include Lena Headey and Sean Bean, who play Queen Cersei and Ned Star respectively in the HBO Original series. In “Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV,” these characters will play Luna and Noctis’ father King Regis.

In the meantime, the publisher has also teased some new developments and freebies for the franchise beyond the actual game. Over at the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter, preorder freebies for the two platforms on which the game will be releasing to have been unveiled.

For PS4 players, preordering the game via the PlayStation Network will include the exclusive Masamune DLC weapon, Big Bang theme, the Angler set DLC and 16-bit buddies car skin DLC.

Xbox One players of “Final Fantasy XV” can look forward to their own preorder pack bonuses. This also includes all that are in the PS4 preorders, but with the added bonus of some items for the Xbox avatars. The avatar items include the Carbuncle pet and female and male versions of Noctis’ costume.

The recently announced Chocobo Keeper campaign is also gaining a lot of attention and traction from fans. Three sure rewards have been unlocked over at the official “Final Fantasy XV” website.

After achieving 45,000 Chocobo Keepers, Square Enix has released the Gysahl avatar rewards. The Krakka award for ahieving 47,500 Chocobo Keepers have unlocked two new backgrounds. Finally, the most recent reward is an animated gif featuring a thank you from Wiz Chocobo. There are three more small rewards and a big golden Chocobo egg waiting to be hatched.

For those who want to join the Chocobo Keeper campaign, all they would need to do is to follow both the @FFXVEN and @FFXVJP to become a Chocobo Keeper.

"Final Fantasy XV" Kingsglaive trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix)