Fallout 4
The Dogmetal mod for "Fallout 4" transforms DogMeat into a robotic companion. Nexus Mods

There have been a lot of very useful mods for “Fallout 4” that PC fans have created to make gameplay interesting or easier for others. While these customisations—check out Dogmeat becoming DogMetal, among other newer mods—do bring a new way to experience “Fallout 4,” a recent mod claims to fix bugs in the game.

Dubbed as the unofficial “Fallout 4” patch mod from Nexus Mods user Unofficial Patch Project Team, the new patch is concerned with providing a comprehensive bug fix for all of the known issues in “Fallout 4.”

“The goal of the Unofficial ‘Fallout 4’ patch (aka UFO4P) is to eventually fix every bug with ‘Fallout 4’ not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package,” said the creators of the new mod.

To get the new mod, PC players will need to download the official “Falout 4” patch 1.5 or 1.6. There’s already a long list of fixes that the unofficial patch is said to be targeting. And from the looks of it, the developer is still looking to fix more with the help of the community in spotting new bugs.

Since this is an unofficial mod to fix bugs, the creator is not promising to fix everything. Most of the bugs that it has fixed involve gameplay, quest, NPC, objects, items, text and placement-related bugs. It’s also a fairly safe mod in that it does not conduct any unsafe changes and ensures compatibility with many other mods.

The creator is also from the team who had developed the unofficial patches for both “Oblivion” and “Skyrim.” So the people behind it do have a good deal of experience and record, albeit unofficially. This mod is currently only available on the PC.

While everything here is fairly unofficial, Bethesda is cooking up some official updates for the game. Already, the developer has released a beta version of the Creation Kit for modding “Fallout 4.” But according to beta testers, there is one feature in the Creation Kit that may serve as a deal breaker.

WCCF Tech spotted confirmation from users that using the “Fallout 4” mods via the Creation Kit will lead to disabling achievements. This means that any progress carried out while playing in the modded modes will be lost in case players would want to get new achievements.

“When you install a mod and load a save, any saves made will be separated into a new save slot. If you were to, say, play around with mods for a few hours but want to go back to earning achievements, your only option is to load from your original [character] files, losing any progress you made with mods installed,” said one Reddit user HalfDuckHalfMan.

Even uninstalling the mod on a modded character will not allow earning of achievements without loading to the original, as the modded flag is already checked permanently. Obviously, the reactions of fans for the beta are not happy. As the situation is right now, it appears that mods cannot be used as a way to enhance the gameplay as it will sacrifice getting achievements.

The Reddit user pointed out that one issues is that some mods may appear like cheats, especially since players can add new weapons that are not in the original lineup. However, the user was quick to point out that in previous Bethesda games where modding was allowed with no restrictions, there were no such issues that involved modding used as cheating to get achievements.

No word has been released yet if Bethesda’s stand on the matter has changed. For the meantime, it appears that this setup will also be applied to the console versions of “Fallout 4.”

"Fallout 4" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Vault-Tech Inc.)