“Thinking Out Loud” singer Ed Sheeran is currently one of the best-selling artists in the world. Recently, the English singer and songwriter talked about dealing with the fame and keeping a low profile despite being a celebrity.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Sheeran said that he never really feels like he fits in at award shows, and he thinks most artists feel the same way. According to him, all artists “put on a front” to sit in the award shows. Sheeran mentioned his friend Taylor Swift and couple Jay Z Carter and Beyonce Knowles as examples. He said he attended Swift’s Fourth of July party, which was “perfectly chilled.”

With Swift and her friends, there was no “real glitz or glamour” to the party, according to Sheeran. This makes Sheeran believe that the “Bad Blood” singer still keeps a low profile the way he also does.

Moreover, Sheeran revealed that he once went out in Brooklyn with Carter and Knowles. He said the couple opted for a “really quiet pizza place” and a dive bar.

“Even they have that normal side,” the “Thinking Out Loud” singer said about Swift, Carter and Knowles, who are also best-selling artists. “Everyone does.”

Sheeran also revealed that he attended a music festival with some friends. These were the friends he grew up with in England, particularly in the small Suffolk market town of Framlingham.

In order to avoid attracting attention, Sheeran and his friends went to the music festival, which he refused to name, incognito by covering their faces with costume party masks. This allowed them to mingle with the crowd undetected.

For Sheeran, the experience made him feel “really normal and really cool,” and he described it as “liberating” and “joyous.” He said that it was the first time he has been in a festival crowd in five years, and he plans to go to the same festival again “with a different mask.”

Meanwhile, Sheeran was spotted in London on the set of “Bridget Jones’s Baby.” His co-star Renee Zellweger was seen wearing a helmet while filming a scene on the Albert Bridge, Just Jared reports.

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