Several fans and viewers have shared their reactions to the confetti downpour that engulfed British singer Ed Sheeran and band Rudimental Saturday, Nov. 21, on X-Factor.

Many were irritated that the confetti downpour completely obscured Sheeran and Rudimental from the camera at the peak of their performance of new single, “Lay It All On Me.” Irish Examiner reports that Sheeran was spotted removing pieces of paper from his hair, minutes after the confetti’s release.

The singer later asked X-Factor host Olly Murs, “Who’s idea was this? Bad idea.”

In a video posted on YouTube, judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw are seen removing the piles of paper that reached their table. Murs and Sheeran playfully kicked at the papers.

Fans of the hitmaker immediately took to Twitter to express their various comments regarding the confetti downpour.

One of the fans tweeted, “Where'd all the confetti go?! #XFactor;” while another wrote, “Think they overdid the confetti. Is that you somewhere in there Ed :) #XFactor #EdSheeran.”

Some Twitter users thought that the incident was funny. Jess Burton wrote on her Twitter account, “What vacuum did they use to clear all that confetti off the stage that fast?! And where do I get my mum one for xmas?? #XFactor.” Melvin Odoom tweeted, “Confetti must be half price or something this week #XFactor.”

Minutes after a commercial break, the confetti had been cleared up from the stage. This caused viewers to criticise the producers for pre-recording the performance of Ed Sheeran and Rudimental.

One of the viewers wrote on Twitter, “If that confetti isn't still there when they do the vote you know this was pre-recorded earlier. No cleaner could tidy that in time #xfactor.”

Producers of “X-Factor UK” hasn’t given any comment about the incident.

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