Shark Feeding Frenzy
Day 4 of 14 on the Geraldton to Broome island adventure cruise at Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island watching 70 tiger sharks having a feeding frenzy on a deceased humpback whale, truly amazing. Stay tuned for the drone footage! Facebook/Eco Abrolhos

News of shark attacks on humans had led to the temporary closure of several Australian beaches such as the Sutherland Shire beaches in late March. However, in a twist to the circle of life, a drone captured on video 70 large tiger sharks eating a dead humpback whale.

Besides the drone footage, captured by island-tour company Eco Abrolhos, tourists aboard two boats witnessed first-hand the feeding frenzy. The incident happened on Shark Bay on Western Australia’s coastline, reports Frasercoastchronicle.

In the video, the sharks are circled around the whale carcass, biting of large chunks of the dead mammal’s corpse before swimming away. The whale is estimated at about 15 metres long and weigh about 36,000 kilogrammes.

The incident was filmed on the fourth day of the 14-day cruise organised by Abrolhos to the Kimberly. The tourists traveled from Geraldton to Broome. Passengers from Perth, Melbourne and Sydney say it was the most amazing thing they have seen in their lives, according to Jay Cox, cruise operator for Eco Abrolhos.

The tour company uploaded the video to its Facebook page and since then it has gone viral with over 400,000 views over the weekend. The bay teems with tiger sharks which could grow up to seven metres long and weigh up to 520 kilogrammes, reports