Justin Bieber is only 19-years old but he certainly knows how to pull one hell of a party. Over the weekend, the Canadian crooner caused disturbance to the neighbourhood peace due to a rowdy party much like that of the "Great Gatsby." Inside reports claim that Justin also hired the help of a hundred "big booty strippers." Here are all the dirty details and more.

Since suffering from food poisoning and a video scandal late last week, Justin Bieber has jumped out from the rut via a big blow-out party. Sources claimed that the "Baby" singer had blown millions over a stripper-themed party at his home in Los Angeles. Details emerged online about the soiree. Like Justin's few other parties, guests had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

"Justin Bieber made guests sign a confidentiality agreement prior to entering a big booty stripper 100 person party over the weekend. They were only allowed to enter on the condition they signed a binding contract, which if broke would result in them paying $3 million directly to him," reported Ocean Up.

The report goes on to add that workers along with the guests were banned from posting on their social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In fact, the use of phones inside the even was also prohibited.

Sources claimed to have seen Bieber's close friends, Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather. While other reports claim a hundred strippers were present at the event, only twenty were seen. Insiders went on to add that these twenty strippers had been blessed with big booties that other women dressed at the event had stripped down due to insecurity issues.

Bieber allegedly had cash to burn because one dancer claimed to see the singer dump more than $10,000 in cash for the girls. Aside from the strippers, booze, weed and lootcakes were provided for guests. Snoop, one of the guests, had even enjoyed a game of strip beer pong.

Other celebrities in attendance include T.I. and Trey Songz. Obviously, Justin Bieber has all the money in the world to party all night long. Fans will just have to wait a few more days for another video scandal to leak.