Dianna Agron has become so close to some of the 'Glee' Cast, so much that she thinks it's hard to be away from them.

The 27-year-old actress who played queen bee Quinn Fabray in the musical dramedy series recently spoke to Irish newspaper The Independent as she promotes her movie 'The Family,' also starring Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. But when the conversation went to her exit from the hit series, Dianna sounded 'genuinely hurt' from all the rumors of her supposed rift with the rest of the cast.

"Bad news spreads faster than anything good. And I think it's just such a shame, especially involving someone that we love so much, that the good old internet has taken everything that they want to say about it and spread it like wildfire."

"I've nothing but love for that show and everybody involved in it and it was such a huge part of my life, so I think it's equally hard when I'm not there every day anymore, I don't see all of them every day anymore to have things like this fly around. It's more heartbreaking than it would be if I was there with everybody. It makes me feel even farther away from our show," Dianna adds.

The rumors started when she became less visible on 'Glee' during the show's fourth season, and then failed to appear in the show's tribute to their deceased co-star Cory Monteith who died of substance overdose in July.

Early in October, a source told E! Online that the supposed rift between Dianna and the 'Glee' cast is "not true at all."

"She is still very much a part of the Glee family and always welcome," the insider says.

Meanwhile, Dianna also talks to the Irish newspaper how, as a kid, she was spending more time with boys than with girls.

"I remember, when I'd been living in San Antonio, at break, you would go and play sports with all the boys. So I remember at recess going up to the other girls and being like, do you play basketball and soccer? And they were all looking at me like I was an alien. With the BOYS? I think one girl was actually doing her nails, they were the most sophisticated young people ever. And I thought it was so strange," Dianna shares.

She also reveals that she became homecoming queen twice.

"I was on the homecoming court, junior and senior year. But it wasn't because I was cool. It appears that way, especially because of what we see in movies or whatever, but by that point, people would vote for who they liked, and both my friend Laurel and I would tie each year, because we were really involved in school and we were nice."

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