Destiny Mega Bloks
Mega Bloks lets players design their "Destiny" Guardians' looks with a new app. Mega Bloks

“Destiny” is set to come strong with the arrival of its Rise of Iron expansion. Even though the game is still trudging through its second year, developer Bungie is looking forward to improving the way it delivers content for the game’s third year.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Bungie’s Chris Barrett, who is also the creative director for Rise of Iron, has stated that the aim was to give players as much as possible content-wise. Of course, this may be up for discussion, considering how fans have been speculating that, come September, they will be treated to a full-game follow-up.

Essentially, “Destiny” Rise of Iron is an expansion, albeit one that veers away from the PS3 and Xbox 360 platform to focus on current-gen consoles. But from the way things are looking, Bungie may be addressing one of the studio’s basic issues—which is the way content is developed.

“We’re trying to get better at what we do, build tools to make content quicker and focus on what the best and most impactful experiences are for players,” said Barrett to Eurogamer.

“Destiny” Rise of Iron is expected to arrive on Sept. 20 on the PS4 and Xbox One. It will re-introduce the Gjallarhorn and even a new black skin to boot.

In related news, Mega Bloks has also launched a new app on its official website that will customise Guardians in a blockier form for a player’s avatar. According to Game Informer, the goal of the app is to let players mix and match different pieces of Mega Blok “Destiny” to create a customised Guardian.

Players will need to choose the class before changing specific features, such as the base colour, class item, equipped weapon, helmet, chest and the like. This is a pretty nice exercise even for those who are not “Destiny” players. Signing in can save an avatar, but those who are interested can just jump in and create their own Guardians—just take a snapshot to keep the image.

"Destiny" Rise of Iron DLC (Credit: YouTube/Kackis HD)