Star Wars Battlefront
"Star Wars Battlefront" Bespin DLC will introduce two new heroes. EA

The newest “Star Wars Battlefront” DLC Bespin has just debuted, and it brings in tow a lot of new content and characters. Spearheading the new content are two heroes, Lando Calrissian and bounty hunter Dengar.

Besides the two heroes, the Bespin expansion also adds two more blasters, offering both a short and a long-range battle advantage. The X-8 Night Sniper is a blaster pistol that features an enhanced scope and heat thermal vision that will identify humanoids in most weather and any time of the day. This weapon is actually used by Lando Calrissian, so it was fitting to see it in the Bespin DLC, as per the Star Wars official website.

There is also the EE-4 weapon, which is meant for more short-distance shots. It has a greater rate of fire compared to its predecessor, as it opted to forego precision and range.

Finally, there is a new Disruption Star card. This will allow players to deploy a disruption wave from the soldier that will disable all the cooling units on enemy blasters. The wave will not affect humanoids, but will give players a slight upper hand, given how the weapon’s cooling unit can take center stage in combat.

Also just recently, one fan appears to have done some datamining. And if the new findings are to be believed, then EA and DICE may be planning to roll out an offline Instant Action for “Star Wars Battlefront.”

IGN had spotted the post by on Reddit user uninspired_zebra. Detailed in the video below, screenshots of the hidden menus show an offline mode where players can have epic battles by themselves or with a friend.

According to the video, there are two ways to enjoy Instant Action. The first is through Walker Assault where players will go on an attack and defend encounter with Massive Imperial walkers descending on a Rebel stronghold. The second is through Fighter Squadron.

There are also three difficulty levels for Instant Action: normal, hard and master. It also hints that there will be partner co-op, though it suggests online. However, a lot of fans are clamoring for split-screen. The Reddit thread features more images and screenshots of the menu for the supposed offline mode.

Of course, EA has not yet announced any offline mode as an official feature for “Star Wars Battlefront.” It’s best to take this with a grain of salt, though considering how the fans are reacting to the find, the developer may want to push for these plans.

"Star Wars Battlefront" offline features leak (Credit: YouTube/Uninspired Zebra)