The Division 1.3 update
"The Division" 1.3 update will land on the Xbox One and PC platforms next week, but is delayed until August for the PS4. Ubisoft

The expected “The Division” 1.3 update will finally roll out next week. Developer Ubisoft will drop it in the game alongside the scheduled maintenance during the three-hour window from 9:00 to 12:00 CEST.

Over at the official “The Division” blog, the developer detailed the weapon balancing aspect of the 1.3 update. According to the report, the update will aim to close the very wide gap among frequency of use for some weapons.

Specifically, Ubisoft has already acknowledged the domination of the SMGs and Marksman Rifles as the favourites among fans, thanks to their effective combination against enemies. This has resulted in LMGs and shotguns being the less noticed and even less frequently used weapons of the bunch.

To address this, the developer has two major plans of action, as well as some individual adjustments to weapons. Each weapon family will get some sort of unique bonus. In essence, the developer is boosting the bonuses for LMGs by increasing damage, whereas shotguns will have a stagger bonus against NPCs.

“Each bonus provides an impact in a variety of situations and playstyle. These changes allow you to now select your weapon loadout around your preferred playstyle rather than their DPS value,” said Ubisoft.

Weapon talents will also receive updates, so that finding weapons will not rely so much on RNG. “The Division” players can now recalibrate a talent on a weapon with the use of a new currency, the Weapon Kit. This can be crafted or obtained via enemy drops and crates in Underground.

Of course, a new update is not without is new weapons. Among the Underground weapons are the Showstopper Shotgun, the G36 Assault Rifle the SVD Marksman Rifle, the PP-19 SMG.

Xbox One and PC players can expect the update in their games on June 28. However, according to GamesRadar, the PS4 platform will get it more than a month later on Aug. 2. Sadly, the delay will also have an impact on the availability of the Ubi30 outfits for all platforms.

Ubisoft will be bringing more updates come June 27 via a Special Report. Specifically, it will showcase some live gameplay footage and a few discussions on the features of the Underground expansion.

"The Division" 1.3 update everything we know (Credit: YouTube/MarcoStyle)