Destiny April Update
"Destiny" April update will launch on April 12. Bungie

“Destiny” players are gearing up as April 12 marks the arrival of the “Destiny” April Update. As a final reminder, developer Bungie has given a few more details on the changes for the Crucible and Sandbox, as well as changes for the basic weapons and mechanics for reviving players.

Sent via a press release, Bungie noted that there are five weapons that will see some changes following the major update.

“Guardians will see Special and Heavy Ammunition appearing less frequently on the battlefield, when reviving a teammate more strategy will be required and weapons will be going back to the workbench,” said Bungie in a statement sent to International Business Times Australia.

Among the weapons, the low rate-of-fire weapons for both the auto rifles and pulse rifles segment will receive a boost in terms of base damage. For Auto Rifles, those with high rate-of-fire will have reduced base damage to give their counterparts a fighting chance in terms of being chosen from the armory.

Hand Cannons will have increased ammo inventory to balance out the lack of ammo and strategic firing. Fusion Rifles received a blanket stability improvement compared to previous nuanced changes, while Sniper Rifles will be attuned to its pre-specified long-distance shooting with an increased base zoom distance on the lowest range sniper scopes.

Additionally, Bungie mentioned before that it is planning to change up the mechanics for player resurrection. There are a few key changes implemented, including the increase in base time to resurrect by .25 seconds, reduced interactive radius of resurrection prompt by .5 metres and adjusted resurrection invincibility frames. The third change was done so that there will be more consistency among networking conditions when it comes to the moment a player is able to get back in the game.

Overshield is also reprioritized so that it will require precision damage modifiers to allow more Sniper archetypes to get res-kills. This mechanic appears to be in the PvP only, due to the very few times that precision damage occurs in PvE. Finally, there’s also a reduction for the resurrection time bonus on the exotic armour by 10 percent, so it’s now only 30 percent total.

For those who are preparing for the deployment of the “Destiny” April update, Bungie has announced over its official Twitter the different file sizes that fans will need to reserved depending on the platform they are playing on.

For the PS4, it will be 1718MB, with the Xbox One being just a little bit heavier at 1736MB. For last-gen consoles, the PS3 will require 1040MB and the Xbox 360 will need 739MB of space.

The additional space is pretty small when put into perspective of what the “Destiny” April Update is supposed to bring to the table. Still, when compared to the older consoles’ update size, the PS4 and Xbox One updates still have a massive weight to bear come the update. Ironically for some, the PS4’s update weight is lighter, despite the confirmed PlayStation-exclusive gear and armour.

In any case, “Destiny” players who are looking at their current storage space can check out Bungie’s help line. Here, the developer indicates how players can manage space following The Taken King update on the respective consoles.

"Destiny" April update changes (Credit: YouTube/Bungie)