Destiny April Update
The "Destiny" April Update is set to debut on April 12. Bungie

Bungie has finally decided on a date for the “Destiny” Update 2.2.0. Come April 12, there will be five main things and more coming to the game to whip Guardians back into gear.

The Weekly Bungie Update has confirmed that there will be new PVE challenges, both new and improved Gears, a new Quest for the Blighted Chalice Strike, increased Max Light and rewards, and updates to the Sandbox and the Crucible. Those who already have “Destiny: The Taken King” will already get the incoming April Update.

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Sadly, the date is the only concrete thing that the developer has in store for “Destiny” players. But Guardians need not fret, there are already three scheduled Twitch streams where Bungie will talk more about the upcoming update.

On March 23, there will be a preview of the April Update on the things that can be done in the new update. Bungie will also share the new things that can be earned on March 30. Finally, on April 6, there will be Sandbox Crucible Updates on the last preview. All three Twitch streams will be held at 11 a.m.

Bungie has also teased a new Clan Leaderboards that will come with the April Update. A sample design can be seen in the link above, and it shows off some tats on best single game kills, best score, longest kill spree and the like for areas in “Destiny” like Nightfall, Crucible, Prison of Elders and Raid. Seeing as how this is the first time that Bungie will be tracking stats on the official website, there may still be some issues and divisions, especially for players who are on PSN and Xbox Live.

The developer seems to be gearing up for April 12, with a lot riding on the “Destiny” Spring Update. This is not surprising, considering the buildup that fans have been having for the upcoming “Destiny 2” sequel.

There are already a number of games catching players’ attention. Interestingly, one of these is “The Division,” which has been compared time and again with “Destiny.” The former game from Ubisoft has already surpassed any other records set by games like “Destiny” as far as sales go.

MCV UK reported that in terms of users over the weekend, it had even reached a peak of 1.2 million count, and 100 million hours of gameplay on servers enjoyed. It appears that the secret of “The Division” is in the way that it delivers its online experience, and one that the community is enjoying in the midst of other games.

While new games do have a certain appeal, older ones can still deliver a new experience. In this case, Bungie seems to be moving forward, especially with its broad strokes for plans for the “Destiny” April Update.

"Destiny" April Update (Credit: YouTube/PlanetDestiny)