Destiny April Update
"Destiny" April update will launch on April 12. Bungie

The “Destiny” April Update introduces quite a number of new items and things to do. But with its deployment, some issues have also appeared, and developer Bungie has already tracked down some of them.

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the developer had collated some of the more common issues spotted by fans. Perhaps the biggest is that the quests linked to the April Update, namely At the Games and Return to the Prison will require Guardians to be at Level 40 and have completed the Dread Patrol quest step.

For those playing in PvE, it appears that there are fewer ammunition expected in some fights, but Bungie is still investigating this bug. Additionally, those who are looking at weekly rewards, some of them are granted via Post Game Carnage Reports. This means that players should not leave the activity before seeing the reports screen to get the rewards.

Speaking of rewards, Nightfall Strikes now have lower Light drops than expected. A fix is in the works so as to be ready for the next update. Additionally, Cryptarch Rank Up packages are also granting Year One Engrams, which will be fixed later on.

Other notable issues include the Universal Remote decrypting from Special Weapon Engrams, changes in Vault Space totals and missing Clan Tags for some players. Bungie is looking at all of these as well.

Alongside the “Destiny” April Update, there was an interesting occurrence over at the Destiny Reddit. First reported by Kotaku, one player who went by the Reddit handle RezylAzzir had teased that there is a hidden Dead Ghost in the mode for Prison of Elders.

However, this happened within the span of 17 minutes since the deployment of the April Update. This made fans start to question how the player managed to do such a feat so quickly, considering that it required downloading the update, beating the Prison of Elders and finding a Dead Ghost under 20 minutes.

From there, a conspiracy theory quickly started to roll. Players saw that the Reddit user was telling the truth after finding the Dead Ghost themselves. And that’s when they realised that the Reddit name was related to the Grimoire card attached.

Now, there is talk that the Reddit user may be a Bungie employee who was teasing something official about the game. It does not help that he had already deleted the original thread, and that the only other post linked to that account had a message in Latin. When translated it says, “The twentieth day of the ninth month. It is about to come. Through boldness to the stars.”

According to the source, this may be an elaborate scheme of teasing the upcoming fall update, something that Bungie had already teased way back. Bungie had not made any statements about this yet.

Whatever the case may be for this new sighting, Bungie has confirmed that the April Update is just among the first announcements for “Destiny.” While the developer wants players to focus first on the new loot to be gathered and new challenges to conquer, it did not miss a chance to tease a bigger change that may be coming later in the year.

“The next point on the horizon is an update we’re cooking up for the Fall. Hopefully the ramp up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new ‘Destiny’ content, once it arrives at its final form,” said Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague, over at the Bungie website. “Later on this summer, we’ll show you the scope, scale and flavor for the next challenge you’ll face.”

"Destiny" April Update (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)