Diablo 3
The "Diablo 3" patch 2.4.1 will bring this new pet and more for defeating the goblin. Blizzard

Blizzard has rolled out the newest patch for “Diablo 3,” and it will come with some eye candy and new items for players. Dubbed as the Patch 2.4.1, this will bring in some pets, transmogrification items and some new rewards, among others.

To get some new pets, Blizzard is bringing in a new way for players to get hold of some new pets. To do this, there is a new goblin who needs to be defeated. Afterwards, it will introduce one of the new pets for players. These could be a young boy, a goatman or a hand. It appears that the pets are up for grabs so long as they have not yet been won by the player.

There’s also some new transmogrification items in store. These will be dropped from named enemies as well as found in rare chests. This way, players can easily customise character without having to get new Legendaries.

“Some of these items will be found in the bounty-ridden realms of Adventure Mode while others can drop off of specific Rift Guardians,” said Blizzard over at the official website.

In Sanctuary, there are a few extra-rare rewards waiting for those who are up for a challenge. Only those who are dedicated will be able to get the cosmetic items.

In the meantime, there are also some new events within Blizzard. Lead designer for “Diablo 3” Leonard Boyarsky has already left Blizzard Entertainment, Polygon reported. He will be continuing his career in the gaming industry with Obsidian Entertainment, known for “Fallout: New Vegas” and “South Park: The Stick of Truth.”

With that, there are now several speculations as to what will happen with “Diablo 3.” Blizz Pro reported that there are already new developments with the team, even though activities related to the possible “Diablo 4” has been under tight wraps.

According to the source, there are several job openings related to an unannounced project for team 3 the team assigned for the development of the “Diablo” franchise. Among these include art director, character designer, concept artists and VFX artists. This hints that the game is still in the early production stage, which could mean that it being an expansion for the current “Diablo 3” may not be likely.

For now, Blizzard has not yet made any announcements regarding planned games apart from “Diablo 3.” Earlier this month, the developer has announced the dates for when the BlizzCon 2016 will be held later this year.

Over at the official BlizzCon 2016 website, the announced dates are listed for November 4 and 5. Come April 20, the first batch of selling for the BlizzCon 2016 tickets will start, followed by the second batch on April 23. For those who are interested but do not have the luxury of attending in person can still expect a Virtual Ticket that will allow them to participate in the comfort of their homes.

"Diablo 3" 2.4.1 patch (Credit: YouTube/Rhykker)