The February update in "Destiny" comes with a new event called "Crimson Days." Bungie

“Destiny” developer Bungie has dropped a few bombs of information in its latest Weekly update, starting with two of its bigger plans. Coming later this year, Bungie touched on the two updates coming to expand the game even more.

In the Weekly Update, the developer has reminded fans that there will be a larger update coming in Spring time. Without going into details, it appears that “Destiny” players can expect the Light level to increase, more challenges to appear in the PvE to allow for better replayed matches and, more importantly, earn new gear. However, what’s even bigger is the next announcement.

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“Beyond that, the team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full ‘Destiny’ sequel in 2017,” said “Destiny” Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague in the latest Destiny Weekly Update.

This is the first time that the developer has confirmed the sequel. While fans have been speculating that a sequel may happen in 2016, the developer had mostly been silent, instead focusing on the updates planned for the game. However, it appears that details for the sequel and the expected big expansion are not yet ready,

In the meantime, DeeJ did touch on another aspect of “Destiny” that players have been discussing recently. Because a new event has been introduced—the Valentine’s Day-themed event Crimson Days and its Crucible Crimson Doubles—the issue of matchmaking has come up again and again.

Speaking with Designer Lead Lars Bakken, the developer revealed that it has been hearing feedback of the experience being competitive despite the new matchmaking settings. Bakken confirmed that the team has been continually updating Matchmaking. He also went to explain that the process involves more than just the players’ own stats.

Some of the things that are factored into matchmaking in “Destiny” includes a balance of timely matching, good connection and balanced teams. Since the introduction of Damage Referee, Bungie has been getting some feedback that are reportedly helping the team figure out how or if to deploy the new mechanic.

For now, “Destiny” players can enjoy the February Update event, “Crimson Days.” It’s slated to run until Feb. 16, but based on the reviews of the event, players may not be as keep in playing until the end as expected.

Several reviews have cited the same thing—that the Crimson Days experience did not live up to the hype that it was given. Digital Spy stated that, despite the good action offered by Crimson Doubles, there’s just not enough new content or reward for the amount of time played.

Worse, the event’s main goal was ignored for the most part. Several players opted to commit suicide to get the endgame loot, instead of going through the dance of the Crimson Doubles, Forbes reported. Thanks to a farming glitch where players still got ghost shell regardless of the kills obtained by the player, it became an easier task to farm the new “Destiny” event, for however short its run is supposed to be.

It’s a good thing that Bungie is gearing up the “Destiny” community for new content in the form of a sequel. This may be a way to turn the tide for the faltering interest that players have for the game.

"Destiny" Crimson Doubles farming trick (Credit: YouTube/Esoterickk)