DC Universe Online
"DC Universe Online" is finally coming to Xbox One. Daybreak Games

On its fifth anniversary, “DC Universe Online” is finally landing on the Xbox One to save the world. This was first announced by Daybreak Games during a livestream featuring new announcements on the game.

DualShockers reported that the game is coming to the Xbox One this spring. It may have been a long time in coming, as the game has already been available for years on the PS4 and PC. What’s even better is that PS4 and PC players can now do cross-play matches between the two platforms. This new feature is coming on Jan. 25.

The developer confirmed this in a new blog update that confirmed the details and teased even more to come in 2016. Daybreak Games stated that the team has more plans in store for 2016. In addition to the major additions to the different platforms, an Episode 21 is now in the works for February.

The Legends of Tomorrow episode will feature Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold and Atom. This will not be the end of the storyline, as there are four more teased for 2016. A Superman Storyline will feature the PhantomZone and the City of Kandor, where Lois Lane, Supergirl, Superboy and Zod will be make an appearance.

There will also be Halls of Power, where Darkseid and his troops will gather in Central City in an attempt for an invasion. Joker’s infamous sidekick Harley will also have her very own storyline. Finally, Amazon Fury will cap off the year.

Daybreak Games has also teased a new Water powerset, more character customisation usinga fourt choice in the colour palette, more unlockable gears and easier league recruitment. Finally, since it is the fifth year anniversary, there will be anniversary gifts coming on Jan. 31.

Just recently, the developer has also announced the release of Episode 20 for “DC Universe Online.” For members, this has already been available since early January. For non-members, however, Episode 20 can be purchased starting Jan. 13.

According to the official DC Universe Online website, Episode 20: Blackest Night sees the end for the War of the Light, which is one of the major storylines in “DC Universe Online.” Players will need to defeat the Black Lantern while fighting alongside Carol Ferris and the Lantern Corps. The goal is to send Nekron back to the Land of the Unliving.

The mode feature an eight-player Operation that requires a level 30 character and at least a 138 Combat Rating. This can be accessed via the On Duty Menu. From there, players will see the Operation under Tier 7 of the eight-player tab.

Apart from the Blackest Night, players can also check out the Wastelands Wonderland. This introduces Raven and her brothers Jacob and Jack in the wastelands. This is a two-player Duo with similar requirements for character level and Combat Rating as the Blackest Night.

"DC Universe Online" coming to Xbox One (Credit: YouTube/DBZ Online)