Mortal Kombat X
Revenant Kung Lao has finally landed on "Mortal Kombat X" Android devices. NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros

“Mortal Kombat X” fans have another challenge to face as Revenant Kung Lao debuts on the Android version of the game. This is still part of the 1.6 update, which previously brought Dark Raiden and still has the expected Dark Empress Kitana coming up.

As usual, like any other “Mortal Kombat X” Android challenge, there are five towers that need to be completed. There are the obligatory towers, where players need to use all Bronze tier fighters, Silver and Bronze tier fighters and Silver tier characters. For the final two towers, players must reserve an all-female team for the fourth tower and have Cassie Cage as one of the fighters for the last tower to get Revenant Kung Lao.

For long-time fighters, arranging the teams may not be that hard. There are a myriad of female fighters for “Mortal Kombat X,” though admittedly, a handful of them are already Gold tiered characters. These include Mournful Kitana, Assassin Kitana, Swamp Queen D’Vorah, Demolition Sonya Blade, Venomous D’Vorah, Tactical Sonya Blade and Covert Ops Cassie Cage.

The earlier update for “Mortal Kombat X” Android allowed players to get Mileena, and there are other available fighters in the Bronze and Silver tier who are female. Among these are D’vorah, Sonya Blade. Jacqui Briggs, Cassie Cage and Trooper. For those who have been regularly playing the game, Klassic Kitana has also been included in the Test Your Luck segment, so there’s a good chance to get her added to the roster.

Beginner tips: Making the most out of Cassie

One thing that beginner fans can do is to ensure that they take advantage of the usual powerful teams. There are a handful of Silver tiered cards that can be put to good use, given the new conditions for each challenge tower. Since Cassie Cage is required to complete the fifth stage, it’s best to keep using this card in the fifth stage, especially for those who have yet to level her up.

Cassie Cage is usually best paired with her father Johnny Cage and mother Sonya Blade. Ideally getting Cassie Cage Silver, paired with Demolition Sonya Blade will result to an even powerful Cassie. By her passive, she gets 50 percent attack when teamed with Sonya Blade. However, Demolition Sonya Blade adds 30 percent attack for all Specs Ops teammates, leading to stronger punches from her daughter.

Additionally, Johnny Cage adds 15 percent health for all Spec Ops teammates. When paired with Johnny, Cassie gets 50 percent additional health as a child prodigy. This makes Cassie Cage into quite a powerful “Mortal Kombat X” fighter immediately. For those who cannot get Demolition Sonya Blade as it is a Gold Kard, they can opt for a Silver Sonya Blade. Her passive is just a little lower, which grants 15 percent attack to all Spec Ops teammates.

The thing to do when faced with Reverent Kung Lao is to ensure that the character will have pretty strong Special Moves. Cassie’s second special, Caged Heat, is a better attack to use, as it increases Cassie’s basic attacks by landing critical chance hits.

Using additional boosts, such as Cassie’s Special 2 as well as Equipment cards that can increase the basic attack power is a good move. Revenant Kung Lao

On hard mode: Beating Revenant Kung Lao

Before getting to the Hard mode, players can expect the Souls rewards for the fourth and fifth towers. This is a standard feature for participating in the challenge. The good thing about this is that newer players can easily collect souls, which can be used to buy Gold Kards or even the Kombat Pack. Gold Kards offer the advantage of being more powerful when leveled up. They also offer more powerful Passives, which can be beneficial to defeat Revenant Kung Lao.

As far as Hard mode is concerned for the challenge, players should also expect to face previous challenge characters. These include Ronin Kenshi, Piercing Mileena and Thunder God Raiden.

Cassie Cage is still very useful for the Hard Mode. There are two Cassie Cage cards available in “Mortal Kombat X.” One of them is harder to come by, the Covert Ops Cassie, since she can be obtained at random via the Kombat Pack. As such, it is best to save Silver Cassie Cage for the last fight.

Revenant Kung Lao has two advantages to take note of. The first is that damage over time attacks have no effect on him. The second is that he becomes stronger the closer Revenant Kung Lao is to dying. Not only that, Revenant Kung Lao also does not have any visible power bars, so his special attacks may suddenly drop without warning.

This is still a pretty good condition, seeing as how Cassie does not have DoT attacks. What she does have is a good Special 2, which can add up to not only increasing critical hits, but, with the right timing, it can be all that it takes to bring down Revenant Kung Lao in a combination of shots. Making use of the Cage family also gives players the advantage of a stronger set of players, which can be rotated to fill each fighter’s power bars for a barrage of special attacks from all three fighters.

Exclusive time-limited packs available for “Mortal Kombat X” Android

In addition to the challenge, there are two Kard Packs that fans can avail of during this time. The Revenant Kung Lao Early Access Pack is still available in the store. This includes Revenant Kung Lao, the Bladed Hat Equipment and three other Support Cards. Early Access Packs usually allow players to get the card before anyone else. This has been available for quite some time, but for those who can’t get him through regular challenge gameplay, this is the premium way to do so.

There’s also the Klassic Sub-Zero Kombat Pack, available for 200 Souls. This pack is similar to the Kombat Pack offered for 150 Souls. The only difference is that there is a chance to get the Klassic Sub-Zero character skin, though that is not a guarantee. Apart from one Gold character Kard, the Klassic Sub-Zero Kombat Pack also includes two other cards.

The official “Mortal Kombat X” fan Facebook has listed down the basic stats for the Klassic Sub-Zero character. Klassic Sub-Zero has 920 Attack, 1,050 Health, 1,000 Toughness, 900 Recovery and 100 percent Power generation. Similar to Klassic Scorpion, Klassic Sub-Zero has an interesting Passive. When he achieves 80 percent on the Slide Kick, this activates a continuous unique string that can be chained up to six times.

"Mortal Kombat X" Revenant Kung Lao (Credit: YouTube/AnonymousAffection)