A new competitive mode is coming to “Battlefield Hardline” to refresh the game. Dubbed as the Competitive Match system, players will enjoy season featuring 5v5 matches.

Developer Visceral Games has confirmed that the new mode basically features seasons that last anywhere between two to three weeks. During this time, players can keep track of their performance in the skill-based matchmaking matches via leaderboards.

According to GameSpot, the Competitive Match will have different themed maps and modes every season. To keep a level playing field, players will be matched against those of the same skill set. The Skill Rating will depend on performance, so putting one’s best foot forward in every match counts.

While the players skill rating are recalculated per match, it appears that the best players will likely maintain their spot at the top with regular and frequent good performance. Every season will conclude with the five to players getting an exclusive upgrade for kill cards.

Visceral Games has also released a new rap sheet, which features the new events coming for January. Detailed over at the official “Battlefield Hardline” website, the events include some of the monthly packs and bundles for premium members, some community missions, and the awaited expansion and updates for the game.

“Battlefield Hardline: Getaway” is expected to debut this month. It will bring four new maps, a new mode and a couple of new weapons, patches and vehicles. This expansion will come hand-in-hand with the base game update for all “Battlefield Hardline” players. They will be getting new weapon, vehicles, patches and more on the same day that Premium members can access the Getaway expansion.

As for Premium members, there are a couple of packs worth checking out for the entire month. On Jan. 12, the Premium Battlepack will be rolled out, while Jan. 19 will release the Premium Battlepack with new exclusive Emblem shapes. From Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, Premium members will also get the chance to earn Double XP for all matches played on the Ranked and Official servers.

Two community mission events are also happening in January. The first, which happens from Jan. 12 to 18, will require players to have 50 kills in the multiplayer mode and map. They need to do this with the M110K5 to earn the $200,000 in-game cash prize. The Expert Community Mission, happening from Jan. 21 to 24, will require 93 kills using the RO933 for a Gold Battlepack.

"Battlefield Hardline" Getaway DLC (Credit: YouTube/VicioStart)