Mods for “Fallout 4” have been appearing since the game has been made available. From useful ones like building home defense robots to guard settlements to cosmetic homages like the light saber weapons, “Fallout 4” mods have been popping up left and right for PC players to use.

Sadly, for Xbox One and PS4 players, the mods are currently limited to the PC version. Bethesda has already promised that these two platforms will get mod support, but it is currently a question of when the feature will arrive in the game.

In the meantime, here are some of the new useful mods that have been created for “Fallout 4” PC. There is one for everyone, including those who may just be starting out in leveling up their SPECIAL stats.

Have a jetpack without a power armour

There is now a way to travel all over the wasteland using a jetpack even without the power suit. A new mod spotted by GameRant allows players to wear a jetpack as a standalone piece of equipment.

According to the report, the jetpack can be used with a regular armour instead. It can easily be strapped onto the clothes that the user is currently wearing. As an add-on, it is even easily craftable in the game via the armour tab at a chemistry station nearby.

This is a pretty useful mod in “Fallout 4” for two reasons. The first is that players no longer need to have the power armour to be able to fly a jetpack. The second is that there is no need for Fusion Cores—normally powering power suits—to enjoy the benefits of a jetpack. This easily takes away some difficulty in completing missions and saves players from using precious Fusion Cores that can be used in other missions.

Reusable “You’re SPECIAL!” book

Back during the first few weeks of “Fallout 4,” fans have been trying to level up their SPECIAL traits either through grinding or through little glitches in the game. One such glitch had made use of Dogmeat so that players can keep on picking up the book in its special place in an unlimited number of times.

Now, modder LilKandeeKid had shared a mod that allows players to keep using and reading the “You’re SPECIAL!” book over and over again to get the stat points. According to the official Nexus Mod page, the mod had rewritten the script involved in the mechanic. This means that the “read” condition was removed so that the book can be used multiple times.

While this may be a little too late for some people who have already maximised the use of the Dogmeat glitch or may have already played “Fallout 4” enough to level up appropriately, this could help beginner players. Leveling up in “Fallout 4” can be a grind, and this can save players the time by simply reading the book several times.

Get into the Institute without Factions

In “Fallout 4,” there are four main factions, which includes the Institute. However, for the most part, the main focus are the three other factions, namely the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad.

The “Fallout 4” mod by AlturDrake allows the player to avoid having to work with any of the factions in the game. At the same time, the player still has a shot of getting into the Institute.

What the mod does is that it will complete The Molecular Level before sending the player to the relay chamber. From there, the player can already start Institutionalized the moment they walk forward. This is activated by typing in “bat institute” once the player reaches The Molecular Level.

"Fallout 4" You're SPECIAL book (Credit: YouTube/RifleGaming)