Greg Vaughan
Actor Greg Vaughan plays Eric Brady in the NBC soap opera “Days Of Our Lives.” Instagram/gregvaughan

On Monday, the NBC soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" (“DOOL”) opens 2016 with a heart wrenching episode, as characters reel from the horrifying car crash that happened on New Year’s Eve.

Fans are waiting to find out what happens next to people in Salem as they deal with the accident, and wonder if it will result to someone’s death. The upcoming “DOOL” episode will feature Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Abigail (Kate Mansi), Brady (Eric Martsolf), Eric (Greg Vaughan), Daniel (Shawn Christian), Roman (Josh Taylor) and Chad (Billy Flynn).

Spoiler alert! This article contains "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers.

TV Guide reports that on Monday’s episode of “DOOL,” the New Year’s Eve car crash will send Jennifer, Eric, Brady and Daniel to the hospital. Maggie will also be affected by the accident, as she will be compelled to make a difficult decision. Abigail convinces Chad that he is the real father of Thomas. Meanwhile, Roman will realise something terrible about Eric.

The “Days Of Our Lives" website posted sneak peek photos of the cast for the Jan. 4 episode. Click here to see the four characters involved in the car accident fighting for their lives in the hospital. A photo is shown here of Maggie, as she has to make an impossible decision.

Monday’s dramatic episode follows a horrific three-car pile-up last week. It will be remembered that on New Year’s Eve, Brady got in a car and drove with Daniel. Daniel told Brady that he is determined to learn from his mistakes for the past year. Daniel also said that he is happy for how things are going with Theresa (Jen Lilley).

Brady then remembered that he left the Titan CEO plaque that Theresa gave him at the Basic Black Fashion show. While they were driving back, Daniel asks Brady to be his best man at the wedding.

“It's hard to believe life could be this perfect," Daniel said.

It seemed that he spoke too soon, considering what happened next. Elsewhere, Eric rode a vehicle and set out to drive despite being barely conscious because he had too much to drink. At the same time, Jennifer was also seen cruising down the road. Moments later, Eric came barreling towards her, forcing Jennifer to swerve while she screamed.

Days Of Our Lives” airs daily at 1 pm on NBC and 8 pm on POP.