Amid new twists and turns in Salem, characters in the NBC soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" (“DOOL”) welcome the Christmas week with the latest relationship complications. Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), after being brainwashed by his brother Andre (Thaoo Penghlis), lures Belle Black (Martha Madison) to like him.

The episode will also focus on Ava (Tamara Braun), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), Steven (Stephen Nichols), Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Philip (John-Paul Lavoiser).

Spoiler alert! This article contains "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers.

We Love Soaps reports that on Monday’s episode of “DOOL,” Steve and Kayla will prove the authenticity of Ava’s story, while Chad attempts to win Belle over with his charisma. Elsewhere, Brady and Philip goes head to head about how Titan should be run. Victor, meanwhile, asks Caroline to live together with him and Maggie.

The “DOOL” website posted sneak peek photos of the cast for the December 18 episode. Click here to see Kayla, as she and Steven try to test if Ava’s story is true. A photo is shown here of Philip and Brady, are facing off to show who Titan’s real boss is.

According to Soap Central, a brainwashed Chad attempts to charm his way into Belle's heart. In previous episodes, Chad’s brother Andre resorted to putting things on his own hands when Chad refused to cooperate about plans to save the family by using Belle. Andre brainwashed Chad in the basement of the DiMera mansion to make Chad pursue Belle and break up with Abigail.

Meanwhile, past episodes have shown how Philip has stirred up things in Titan when he returned to Salem. He wanted to make the serum created to cure Caroline’s disease available to the market as a supplement. He also thought Brady wasn’t aggressive enough in pushing the experimental drug. Brady retorted that he hasn’t done so because it was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Philip then tried to convince Victor about his plans. Victor turned down his idea, but Philip disobeyed him and acted on his own.

“Days Of Our Lives” airs daily at 1:00 p.m. on NBC and 8:00 p.m. on POP.

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