Last year, Dave Lombardo had to part ways with Slayer after the band mates fired him. Lombardo declared that he would never return to Slayer. The band welcomed Paul Bostaph and they have collaborated with Gary Holt (guitarist - Exodus) for a new record expected to come out in 2015.

Dave Lombardo talked to "Eddie Trunk Podcast" and the host asked him if he would ever consider joining Slayer again.

"Would I go back? For the fans, and to retire that band correctly, I'm not gonna close any doors. Like I said before, when all this went down, my door's open, and that's basically all I have to say. So it's all good," Lombardo said.

He was also asked if any of the band members contacted him after the sad demise of guitarist Jeff Hanneman. "That was really hard - and, no, there hasn't been any communication between the guys and myself."

During the podcast, Lombardo said that he can still play the songs made by Slayer as he feels "more comfortable playing at higher speeds than I do playing slower ballads; that is where I thrive."

"Even when I was in Slayer up to 2013, I felt great. Energy, my limbs, my muscles, my joints - maybe I'm eating the right things, maybe I'm doing the right stretches and exercises. Honestly, I feel great."

Lombardo is associated with his ex-side project Philm and it has now become his main project. The band released an album called "Fire From The Evening Sun" in early 2014. The drummer said that he enjoys performing with the musicians of Philm - "it is a good vibe and a very creative environment."

He revealed that Philm is working on releasing a new album and he is quite excited about the same.

It is yet to be seen if Lombardo and Slayer will play again together.

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